Image How should we consider this awkward and unfortunate phrasing, “Binders Full of Women”? Should we suggest that women can be opened and closed, held or disposed of, filed information into. Or more adroitly, that a woman can be dominated, controlled, and directed. It is impossible to know for sure but any interpretation of it, including that he has little experience working with issues of equity, means that  progressive people should be extremely aware that Romney will make right of centre decisions in his considerations of issues of gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.  I don’t think is the last you have heard about “Binders full of Women.” Not unlike the 47% remark at a private dinner, this turn of phrase is revealing.

And more indicting, the subsequent quotation of Romney’s talking to the women needing to come home from work and make dinner. Contrast this statement with Obama’s how women are increasingly the breadwinners. Who is Obama speaking to and who is Romney speaking to? In my opinion, Obama is talking to white young and middle aged women and Romney is talking to white and above middle aged women and the older senior citizen  women.

My guess is, that Obama will lose Florida and Virginia. He will have Ohio, Pennsylvania



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